Fifth District County Supervisor Russell Stamper II Hits the Ground Running

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County Supervisor Russell Stamper II has been very busy since his recent election to office. In addition to not having missed a single roll call, he has held regular town hall meetings in the fifth supervisory district called “Speak with Stamper Sessions,” where constituents are able to voice their concerns on a variety of county issues. Turnouts for these sessions have been successful.

Stamper has also collaborated with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office in an effort to shore up a community policing effort that will address crime issues in the district.

Recently, Stamper spearheaded what he called his first annual Fifth District Community Clean-up (pictured above). Stamper has collaborated with local businesses such as Pic-N-Save, Central Marketing, Inc., L.A.N.D., the Hmong American Friendship Association, Operation Dream, Washington Park Partners, Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, The Urban Ecology Center, and others in an annual effort to give his district a much-needed face-lift.

This year’s effort was a tremendous success. As a reward to the youths who assisted in the clean up, Stamper held a cookout at the Washington Urban Ecology Center.

He hosts weekly concerts in Washington Park at the band shell with various music bands. The new development in Washington park is making it a more family friendly environment.

He is proud of key legislation he helped to sponsor such as

Downtown Transit Center redevelopment ensuring 4,400 jobs with newly required DBE participation ensuring minority participation and millions of dollars of tax revenue generated for Milwaukee County.


Supported the ready to work initiative which is a $1 million investment that will put people to work on construction jobs and provide training sponsored by former supervisor Eyon Biddle and County Supervisor Theordore Lipscomb.


Stamper also conducted a well-attended Jobs Fair at the Washington Park Senior Citizen Center last week co-sponsored by the Social Development Center. Many attendees left the event optimistic about their prospects for employment.

Constituents are encouraged to contact the supervisor at, 4142784201.






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