Finding Peace in the Midst of your Storm

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Last night I was blessed to have some down time and be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. We enjoyed our conversation and the ability to chat uninterrupted for a few minutes. It is amazing to see how well you can process life issues, both major and minor when your cell phone isn’t ringing and no one is calling your name. It was fantastic to just relax. We looked out of the window of the restaurant and began to see flashes of light. Puzzled we looked to see if there was rain falling as well. We squinted and tried to look through the window at a nearby light post to see if there was a significant downfall to match the brilliance of the lightning that was now dancing more fervently across the cloudy skyline. Seeing that there was no rain we decided to dash to our cars before any rain could fall. I got to my house and there was still no rain. Perhaps I am strange, but I enjoy a good storm. I sat inside of my house with the lights off looking at the lightning flash. There was no thunder, just quiet light bursting across the backdrop of a perfectly lit night sky. I stepped onto the back patio and sat on the chaise lounge and just watched the sky while I prayed. In the midst of the lightning, the chirping crickets and the surrounding darkness, I was so at peace that I accidently fell asleep. I found peace in the midst of the storm.

Gratefully, the Lord did not allow me to spend the night outdoors, but the time of rest in the presence of fierce chaos rejuvenated me in a way that is difficult, even now, to fully articulate. I woke up to the refreshing reminder that God is in control of every aspect of our lives. If you just rest in the powerful presence of God, He is able to provide a place of peace. Too often we are taken off course by our fear of the flashing instead of the peace that comes with knowing who is in control of the flashing. God loves you. Anything that you are going through right now was only allowed by Him because He know that you were more that able to handle it (whether you think so or not). God knew you could stand the test, the trial the job loss, the death of a loved one or whatever storm you faced. He know you could make it because you weren’t being ask to make it by yourself or in your own strength. He has been with you every step of the way. He loves you and cares for so much – it’s not time to give it – it’s time to find peace in the midst of your storm.









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