First Aldermanic District Candidate Virgie Wynn-Martin answers to candidate questions

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Editor’s Note: The editorial staff of the Community Journal apologize to First Aldermanic District Candidate Virgie Wynn-Martin for inadvertently excluding her answers from the final installment of our series in which we asked responding candidates their opinion on several issues of importance to the community. We had thought we accidently dumped the answers when doing an email purge. Due to time constraints because of printing deadlines, we decided to forgo inquiring about replacement answers. To our dismay, we discovered that we had not purged the answers as we first thought. We are printing Mrs. Wynn-Martin’s answers to the final three questions which ran in the February 15 edition of the Community Journal.

First Aldermanic District Candidate Virgie Wynn-Martin*Housing and foreclosures: There are too many foreclosures in our city. It saddens me because these are foreclosures that infest our neighborhoods with crime and unhealthy living standards. If the banks would offer foreclosed properties at a rent reduced rate, than the occupancy rate will help with some of the housing problems that plague Milwaukee. By doing this it will give our citizens a more affordable and safer community to reside.

* Should government be involved in the daily lives of citizens: They are already involved. We live in one of the most poverty stricken cities in America and have a 95%unemployment rate for our Black males. If they want to really get involved and make changes that we the people want to see, then skillful training and job creation would be number one on our government to do list. Funding programs like SDC Healthy Marriage and Relationship program. A program that gives hope and skill sets to families that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to gain them. I want to see our community progress not degrees. If our government  do not support our positive agencies that impact and effectively help the community sadly we will fail.   

* Affirmative Action:  In toady’s’ Milwaukee we should educate the youth on affirmative action and how it works and what it is put in place for. Growing up in the city i have faced many of these challenges being bi-racial. My experiences only made me stronger because i had educators and community support. Putting in place more programs and curriculum’s in our youth everyday lives will make them stronger and wiser.


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