Five suspects arrested in connection to rapper’s disappearance

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Five men were arrested early Wednesday by Milwaukee Police Wednesday as suspects in the January 2 disappearance of 22-year-old rapper Evon Young who, it’s been learned, has been identified in a criminal complaint as a female named Ebony Young.

In a story published in the January 9 MCJ, Young was identified as a male who disappeared January 1.

According to a report posted by Fox6, 26-year-old Billy Griffin, 18-year old Ashanti Mcalister and 27-year-old Victor Stewart are facing one count of substantial battery (substantial bodily harm with intent to cause bodily harm), as a party to a crime. Later the same day two other men, Ron Joseph Allen and Devin Latterez Seaberry, were reportedly arrested for first degree intentional homicide.

As of now, Young’s body has yet to be found and police are now investigating the incident as a gang homicide according to the city’s daily. The three suspects, if convicted for one count of substantial battery, face a $10,000 fine and three-and-a-half years in prison.

Young, who also known as Yung LT, has been missing for three weeks. Her mother, Annette Cross-Perry, reported her daughter missing January 2 after Young failed to show-up for a promised visit to her home and did not report for work.

Young’s family has been covering the neighborhood where she went missing with posters bearing her photo (at the time identified as a male) and vital information.

Police reportedly searched the north side residence Young shared with roommate Griffin and found nothing suspicious or unusual.

During a subsequent police interview with Young’s mother, Cross-Perry, she turned over a cell phone she found near her daughter’s residence.

Police analysis of the phone revealed it belonged to Stewart and, at one time, to Mcalister.

The analysis also found that Stewart was a suspect in a stolen vehicle complaint filed by his wife, who later admitted she lied to police.

She reportedly admitted the car was taken by Stewart and caused her to miss work. Stewart did not return until 6 a.m. January 2.

The car, which was reportedly located and retained by the MPD, was examined by a Forensic investigator, who discovered five latent prints belonging to Mcalister and Stewart.

The Fox6 Internet report revealed Griffin changed his story, telling police Young returned home January 1. Shortly afterward, according to Griffin, Stewart, Mcalister and two other males—all reportedly members of a gang—came to the home.

According to Fox6, Stewart pointed a firearm at Young and Griffin and stated Young couldn’t be trusted.

Young was then taken to the kitchen and punched repeatedly in the face by all the men except Griffin.

Fox6 reported that Griffin told police Young was then taken to the basement where she was reportedly strangled, hit and kicked with tools and shot three times.








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