Flirting with Disaster: Should companies ban office dating?

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(Arizona Republic)

It’s a common workplace phenomenon, “office romances.”

And although workers can debate the pros and cons of dating a co-worker or boss, career experts say it’s best to avoid romantic entanglements at work because they can affect your career.


They warn about the general awkwardness of dating a boss or co-worker, complaints of favoritism, and the potential for sexual-harassment charges (should the romance go south). Some companies also have non-fraternization policies forbidding workplace romances.

Still, a recent Workplace Options study shows more workers, especially Millennials, or those 18 to early 30s, believe there are positive aspects to workplace romances.


Of those surveyed, 84 percent of Millennials said they would have a romantic relationship with a co-worker, 71 percent said workplace romances can boost performance and morale and 40 percent said they would have no problem dating a supervisor.


Office relationships are more common than you might think, says Diane Bolden, president and founder of Synchronistics Coaching & Consulting in Phoenix.


“The majority of our waking hours are spent at work, so people tend to form emotional attachments and relationships with those that they are in close proximity to,” she says.

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