Floyd Mayweather Talks Manny Pacquiao & Rap Music

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by Sean Lynch, TheSource.com

TheSource.com caught up with Floyd Mayweather recently in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The famed boxer commented on Manny Pacquiao and what is currently going through his headphones.

Source: The boxing world, has been talking about what happened with Manny Pacquiao. What are your thoughts about that and how Manny Pacquiao has lost two straight fights?
Mayweather: Well, I guess things happen in the sport of boxing, things happen in life. And sometimes they say a true champion can take a loss and bounce back, and some can bounce back from losses, some can’t, so.. you know I face Marquez. He’s a fighter with a lot of experience, you know I never faced Manny Pacquiao that was a fight I was looking forward to having at one particular time, but we could never come and agree on the negotiation terms, but you live and you learn, things happen.
Source: Definitely. So, Source Magazine, of course our viewers, our fans, want to know, what is Money Mayweather listening to on a CD when you training, what’s some of the artists right now that you are listening to?
Mayweather: Well I think rap has made a drastic change. You know everything is basically in the computer world, so it has changed. One artist that may be hot for one month then you it’s a new artist the next month. But you know, you can’t, with an artist like Drake, you can’t go wrong. Artists like Lil Wayne you can’t go wrong. Meek Mill, Rick Ross, artists like that, that’s going strong. Kanye West, you know, artists like that, you know that’s working hard and grinding, and giving people what they wanna hear.

Source: Definitely, alright so we’ll leave it there. Money Mayweather, Atlantic City.











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