Former Eighth District Candidate Jennifer Morales endorses Benjamin Juarez for Milwaukee Alderman

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Former candidate for the 8th Aldermanic District Jennifer Morales has announced her endorsement of Benjamin Juarez to serve on the Milwaukee Common Council.
Morales, who was a fellow challenger to the incumbent alderman, is now supporting Benjamin Juarez after his primary election victory. Jennifer Morales has been a strong community leader who has a proven record of public service.
Morales, who herself ran for the 8th District, explained the need for electing Benjamin Juarez by stating, “The 8th District needs a new leader, someone who will reach out to all of the district’s residents with respect and with genuine interest in our ideas and needs. Ben Juarez will be that kind of leader and I encourage the 8th District to vote for him on April 3rd.”
“Jennifer Morales has proven herself to be a true leader in Milwaukee. Her work on the MPS Board shows her commitment to education, families, and public workers. We both understand the need for fresh progressive ideas in the 8th District.
“We have a profound amount of respect and admiration for one another, and it is an honor to have her support,” Juarez stated. “It is time for new leadership in the 8th District, and I look forward to working with Jennifer to make Milwaukee the strongest it has ever been.”
In her run for public office, Morales highlighted that from 2001 to 2009 she served as an elected member of the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of Directors and was the first person of Latino descent to hold that position.
During that time, she represented the Near South and East sides of the city, and she fought for programs which increased graduation rates and reduced suspensions and expulsions. Morales also served as assistant director of two research centers in the UW-Milwaukee School of Education. For more information about Benjamin Juarez, please visit

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