Founder of Executive Commercial Cleaning LLC counts his blessings

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Curtis Fleming is the Owner/Chief Operations Officer of Executive Commercial Cleaning LLC.

In this position, he manages the daily operational and administrative areas of Execomm2010.

He’s generally responsible for contract negotiations, resolving contractual issues, and developing pricing and proposal strategies for contract bidding managing finances and other operations, including quality control, personnel matters, and internal systems and business processes.

Curtis is currently in pursuit of his bachelor degree in the foundations of business. (Class of 2012’)

Mr. Fleming founded Executive Commercial Cleaning LLC in 2010 and has landed major contracts with several government agencies in addition to several medical facilities as well. Curtis is also the Co-founder of Executive Parents a program geared to help at risk youth and educate young parents.

Mr. Fleming is a native of the Chicago, Ill area and moved to Milwaukee, WI in 1992 after graduating from high school.

He came to Milwaukee in pursuit of opportunity, and in this quest he found himself eager to be involved in the street life.

The street life opportunity offered Mr. Fleming fast cars, fast money and a fast incarceration.

“I never knew life could past me by so fast until I got stopped in my tracks by being incarcerated”.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t until then I valued my place on this earth and really weighed my options which at that time morally thinking were none, and then God showed up in my life and revealed to me who “HE” really was.

“After being released I didn’t quite know the direction God had for me but I knew HE (God) had a plan for me.

“I worked at several fortune 500 hundred companies here in Milwaukee, but that wasn’t Gods’ plan either because the jobs ended after I put in a significantly huge amount of time.

“Which brings us to now? I gave myself to the LORD totally. God birth an idea of a cleaning company in me.

“I continued on working jobs here and there. After a while of faithful tithing and obedience to the church on unemployment and giving thanks unrelentlessly for grace and mercy.

“I was introduced to my current place of worship REDEMPTION FELLOWSHIP CHURCH in December 2009.

“After several years of researching and watching several individual owned cleaning franchisees’ go down, God put in my heart that this would be the perfect time or season for things to come to fruition.

“So in July of 2010 God forgave me enough and allowed me to bring forth what we call Executive Commercial Cleaning LLC (Execomm2010™) and we were incorporated.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

Executive Commercial Cleaning specializes in comprehensive clean-ups for commercial establishment including but not limited to: retail, office medical, dental and last but not least industrial.

Execomm2010™ is a fully insured, certified, bonded and licensed commercial cleaning company. Mr. Fleming is the proud father of three sons, Nicholas, Brandon, and Di’ Centron

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