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 by Harriet Callier []

Should the close-up from your child’s school window be of electrical towers? On the past Monday evening, Women Committed to an Informed Community held one of several town hall meetings to inform neighbors on key issues. The Committee is consists of community activists of varying ages and professions who have declared to be as involved and informed as possible. With the start of the new school year just around the corner, the topics of discussion addressed the criteria that parents should use in selecting a school and new Wisconsin laws that closely resemble voter suppression. The first half of the meeting addressed a number of charter and choice schools with questionable locations and practices. Photos and videos used during the presentation were alarming to say the least. A recently-approved location, for example is in a manufacturing plant that has been inoperable for over 20 years. What is still operable is the train and electrical towers that are roughly 200 yards from the back of the building and are adjacent to any outside common areas for the school. Participants in the forum received a checklist of criteria that parents should consider when moving a child into a new school environment. The meeting was concluded with a presentation by Stephanie Finley, City of Milwaukee Election Commissioner. Finley led an in-depth question and answer session on the new Voter ID legislation, its effects on the August re-call elections and its effects on elections after January 2012. Several women signed up to have this (or a similar) presentation delivered to their women’s groups. Women Committed to and Informed Community can best be reached at or (414) 350-3027. I appreciate the group’s motto of “Let Us Stand Up For Our Future.”

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