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Introducing Drs. Keevin and Denise Davis Drs. Denise and Keevin R. Davis are board certified physicians with over 60 years of medical experience. They graduated from the University of Toledo, School of Medicine. Drs. Davis have shifted their medical practice from treating illness to promoting Health and Wellness. They are a firm believer in the axiom “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Drs. Davis are co-hosts of the two time national award winning television program, “Doctors in the Kitchen”. The focus is on healthy home cooking and positive lifestyle choices.

In addition they are involved in hosting radio programs and writing health and wellness articles for newspapers and magazines. The doctors speak to groups both large and small and for profit as well as non-profit organizations. The doctors provide keynote addresses, conference presentations, and cooking seminars.

Their number one goal is to “Improve Your Quality of Life through Good Health”. Drs. Davis believe that “Good Health is for Everyone”! Please visit their web site at: doctorsinthekitchen. Com.






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