God can take you from where you are!

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Yesterday I had a lot on my mind. Not bad things, not good things – just things. Have you ever been driving and suddenly realize that you were on “auto pilot” and heading in a direction that you did not plan? If so, you can relate to where I was mentally yesterday.

I got about five miles from my house and realized that the road I needed to turn onto was about seven minutes in the opposite direction. Traffic was heavy and the travel times were noticeably slower than normal. At the time I was headed to teach a class and a U-turn would have made me late and being late when you are the teacher is not an option!

Before panic could set in as I looked at where I was heading and the clock in the car, God reminded me that there was a way to get where I needed to go from where I was, even though it was not the path I intended to take when I left my house.

As I drove on toward my destination on the adjusted route, God began to show me that too often we are too focused on making U-turns in life rather than trusting Him to take us from where we are to where we need to go.

How often to we get stuck trying to change the past? We tend to focus our efforts on endlessly resolving the unrecoverable moments in our lives. Past hurts, past wrongs, past relationships, missed opportunities, and costly mistakes seem to plague the hearts and minds of many people who need to simply come to the conclusion that the past can not be changed but the future is brimming with possibilities and opportunities!

The temptation is to assume we have to go back to go forward and sometimes that could not be further from the truth. What got me back on the right path was getting focused enough to realize that I was heading the wrong way and that the wisdom to acknowledge that if I kept going that way I would not reach my destination.

Being in a state of denial would not allow me to be successful. If I was too proud to admit I had made a mistake, my pride would not have allowed me to change directions. Pride and denial go hand in hand. Too much pride is usually at the root of an unwillingness to admit that we are headed the wrong way. As long as we remain distracted and in denial we will continue to waste the precious time we have on earth heading in a path that God did not intend for us to go.

If you are not saved, know that God can take you right from where you are and get you to a better place – here on earth and in heaven. As long as you are willing to admit that your plan has you lost but by the gracious gift of His son Jesus you can be found – a redirected course can be yours today.

You do not need to fix yourself, be “good enough,” or do enough good things to deserve His grace. God loves you “just ‘cause”! He will take you from where you are to where you need to be – and you will get there on time. This week, remember that God can take you right from where you are!


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