Good dental hygiene is a must

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Dental hygiene is an important factor in maintaining good health.  Implementing good dental hygiene habits in our children will be beneficial to us as parents and to our children in the long and short term.  Beautiful teeth render a beautiful smile and beautiful appearance.  But there are many other attributes contributed to our teeth.

  • ·         First and foremost, they aid in our preliminary digestion with the assistance of a chemical produced through glands in our mouth called saliva. 
  • ·         Teeth also, help us to articulate clearly.
  • ·         And they protect your oral apparatus (mouth)

You may think that toothpaste with fluoride is best for your teeth.  That has been contradicted by many sources.  Fluoride is in the same family as iodine.  The brain needs some iodine.  Fluoride is more radical than iodine and fluoride will eradicate iodine and bond with the calcium in the brain.  The bond is strong and will not come out.  It builds up and causes many problems over time.  Where ever there is calcium the fluoride will make these bonds even in the heart.

Cleaning the gums is very important.  Using peroxide with a little baking soda on a soft toothbrush may facilitate healthier gums than damaging your gums with string too harshly.  Clean your teeth after eating citrus fruit; the acid eats away the enamel of the teeth.

Don’t forget that bad teeth, not only hurt, they can poison the body and infect the heart. 

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