Governor’s address inspires lawmaker to hold a rally for Black men and jobs

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Article compiled by MCJ Staff

As State Rep. Elizabeth Coggs listened to Gov. Scott Walker deliver his “State of the State” address before legislators and appointed state officials in Madison last week, she wondered what state he was referring to.

“The State of the State address was not an address, it was a mess,” Coggs said in a statement about the governor’s speech, which boasted of an improved business climate, the creation of thousands of new jobs and ridding government of wasteful spending.

“As I sat there in amazement and listened to the governor’s address… I wondered what state he was talking about. 

Despite Walker’s claim the state is finally on the right course and moving forward, Coggs said she couldn’t help but think of the trials and tribulations people in Wisconsin are going through as a result of the governor’s policies.

Coggs said the governor and his legislative allies have turned and a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of minorities, the  poor and middle class, the jobless and homeless, as well as those with continuous healthcare issues.

“The State of Wisconsin does have a deficit, this state does have people who want to work and need jobs.  Wisconsin families are crying because they cannot provide for their children.”

Frustrated by the apathy in Madison and inspired by the poetry of spokenword artists Muhibb Dyer and Kwabena Nixon, especially  their “The Children Are Dying” calendar, Coggs has taken it upon herself to organize a rally this Saturday, February 4 at 12 noon, in support of Black men and for jobs so they can work and support their families and rebuild their neigborhoods and community.

The rally will be held in front of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue near the corner of King Drive and Walnut Street.

Coggs is calling on all women in the community to join her in taking a stand “for our men, our sons, grandsons, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, husbands, uncles and partners for jobs.

“ I ask the men of our community to surround us and protect us as we say to you we are proud of you; we want the best for you. Milwaukee is in an emergency situation and there are no jobs. We demand jobs for our men.”

Coggs warned there is a fuse of frustration burning down on a community powdercag that is prompting people to survive by any means necessary to support their families.

This is especially true of men–and women–returning to the community from prison with felony convictions that make it difficult to become productive citizens.

“I understand the long range goal of making everything a felony…to build more prisons, privatize those prisons and take care of those billionaires in this country who fund and make huge profits off of the prison industrial complex.

“I’ve met with the governor and his staff twice to request they look at Milwaukee County and Southeastern Wisconsin as an emergency situation because of the high unemployment, especially amongst African American men and other men of color, but to no avail.

“I have written various pieces of legislation to provide 10,000 jobs to people in Southeastern Wisconsin and to train and get felons to work. None of these bills have even been scheduled before a committee.”

To be a part of this movement and register, or for more information, contact Rep. Coggs office at 608-266-0960 or become a Facebook Friend to WS FORM and commit your support and that you, your church or organization will be there Saturday, February 4.  Dress for the weather and commit to this movement.

“We WILL Stand for OUR MEN.”

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