Growing Up Drug Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention

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by U.S. Department of Education

Many parents hesitate to discuss alcohol and other drug use with their child (ren). Some believe that their child (ren) couldn’t become involved with illegal substances. Others delay because they don’t know what to say of how to say it, or they are afraid of putting ideas into their heads.

Don’t wait until you think your child(ren) has a problem. Many young people in treatment programs say that they had used alcohol and other drugs for at least two years before their parents knew about it. Begin early to talk about alcohol and other drugs, and keep the lines of communication open.

A Quiz for Parents…

  1. What is the most commonly used drug in the United States?
    1. heroin (b) cocaine (c) alcohol (d) alcohol

Answer: (c) Because it is legal for adults and widely accepted in

our culture, alcohol is the drug most often used in the United States.

  1. Name the three drugs most commonly used by children?

Answer: Alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. These are the “gateway”

drugs, drugs that children are first exposed to and whose use often

precedes use of other drugs.

  1. Which drug is associated with the most teenage deaths?

Answer: Alcohol

  1. Which of the following contains the most alcohol?
    1. 12-oz can of beer (b) a cocktail (c) a 12-oz wine cooler

(d) a 5-oz glass of wine (e) all contain equal amounts of alcohol.

Answer: (e) All four contain approximately 1.5 ounces of alcohol.

  1. Fumes from which of the following can be inhaled to produce a high:

(a) spray paint (b) model glue (c) nail polish remover (d) whipped cream

canisters (e) all of the above

Answer: (e) Virtually anything that emits fumes or comes in aerosol

form can be inhaled to obtain a high.

  1. People who have not used alcohol and other drugs before their 20th birthday:

(a) have no risk of becoming chemically dependent (b) are less likely to develop

a drinking problem or use illicit drugs (c) have an increased risk of becoming chemically dependent

Answer: (b) Early use of alcohol and other drugs, often by age 15 or less, is

strongly associated with drug-related problems such as addiction.

  1. Anabolic steroids are dangerous because they may result in: (a) development of

female characteristics in males (b) development of male characteristics in females

(c) stunted growth (d) damage to the liver and cardiovascular system (e) over-

aggressive behavior (f) all of the above

Answer: (f) Steroid users subject themselves to more that 70 side effects. The liver

and cardiovascular and reproductive systems are most seriously affected by steroid

use. In females, irreversible masculine traits can develop. Psychological effects in

both sexes can cause very aggressive behavior and depression.

8) How much alcohol can a pregnant woman safely consume? (a) a 6-oz glass of

wine with dinner (b) two 12-oz beers each day (c) five 4-oz shots of whiskey a

month (d) none

Answer: (d) Medical researchers have not established any safe limits for alcohol

intake during pregnancy.

Submitted by the Prevention Coordinator at Silver Spring Neighborhood Center

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