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Chris Abele: The Leadership We Need in the County Executive’s Office

by Milwaukee County Supervisor John Thomas

On April 5th, Milwaukee County will make a critical choice: will we continue on the same failed path, or will we strike out in a bold new direction and finally meet the challenges that face us.

There are two candidates for Milwaukee County Executive, and the choice couldn’t be clearer.

Chris Abele is a civic and community leader who has dedicated his career to making Milwaukee County stronger.

Jeff Stone, on the other hand, is running to continue the failed policies and divisive politics of Scott Walker.

After eight years of lost jobs, rising debt and services that continue to be slashed, we’ve had enough – it’s time for a change. On April 5th, we can make one.

Chris Abele is committed to real change and owns a track record of leading it; Jeff Stone is promising more of the same of the past eight years.

Chris Abele has rolled up his sleeves and worked hard to tackle tough problems; Jeff Stone has been in Madison for the past 12 years with little to show for it.

Chris Abele isn’t afraid to take tough stands to help Milwaukee County; Jeff Stone follows his party leadership and Scott Walker.

Chris Abele has a clear vision to move Milwaukee County in a new direction: one that includes delivering on jobs – especially in the African-American community, tackling growing debt, and maintaining core services that people rely on, like transit, parks, and health care.

And Chris has the experience and leadership skills we need in the County Executive’s office.

He is an executive who runs organizations, been accountable and produces results.

He has started businesses. And he is a leader who has helped moved the community forward – like his work with the Boys and Girls Clubs to help young people across Milwaukee County. Jeff Stone is a career politician.

On April 5th, the bottom line is clear: if you think the status quo is working in Milwaukee County, if you think we are doing enough on jobs, that the debt level is acceptable, and the ongoing decline in services is a positive for the County, then Jeff Stone is your man.

But if you know like I do that we must do better in Milwaukee County, that the status quo isn’t working, we must do more on jobs, we must strengthen the community and neighborhoods, and actually improve services, then you must vote for Chris Abele.

If you agree that now is the time for real change and bold reform, and that Milwaukee County needs a new direction, vote Chris Abele on April 5th. He will be a County Executive we can be proud of.

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