GUEST COMMENTARY: Candidate critical of new law that hurts ex-felons who want to work

Written by admin   // October 20, 2011   // 0 Comments

by Cavalier “Chevy” Johnson

“What would possess Wisconsin lawmakers to even think of drafting a bill like AB 286?”

That is the thought that immediately crossed my mind after hearing about, reading the text of and discussing AB 286.

AB 286 would deny this opportunity for a sector of the community that we should be working to help readjust to normalcy in our society.

There is never an appropriate time to bind the progress of people searching for work in this community and in this state.

After being called in for two sessions on jobs by Governor Scott Walker, members of the Wisconsin State Legislature should know full well that finding a job is hard enough in itself.

Now folks like state Representative Joel Kleefisch, state Senator Alberta Darling and others are seeking to make it even harder for people that already find job seeking burdensome.

As elected public officials, the sponsors and co-sponsors of AB 286 should be working towards the benefit of ALL people in Wisconsin – not plotting ways to cut the legs from under certain sectors of the community.

AB 286 would make it easier for employers to deny work to, and fire people that have been previously convicted of a felony – even if their job performance has been exemplary.

Everyone deserves the chance to make a living, including those that may have made a mistake or a bad decision in their past.

Instead, AB 286 closes doors of opportunity and makes recidivism a more appealing choice.

Cavalier “Chevy” Johnson is a Candidate for Milwaukee County Supervisory District 5.

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