Happy Birthday Mr. DeeJay!

Written by admin   // April 26, 2010   // 0 Comments

It was wall to wall. Dj Sherman Morton, “Mr. Grown Folks” himself along with his wife, Desiree celebrated his 40th birthday at Gene’s Lane and Lounge. Everything was 40 in the place.

Of course, Dj Sherman celebrated his day doing what he does best, playing that funky music, as many of his friends and family parrrrtaaaayed!

I loved the fashion wear. Many of the women had that Twiggy look of the 60’s goin’ on. There were fishnet stockings and window pane panty hose, mini-skirts and dresses. No, the men didn’t have afros, but some were close, Holla!

A host of city workers joined Dj Sherman, who is also a city worker in his celebration of his life journey of four decades. Lisa McHenry, Vanessa Goodman, Erica Fisher, Sandra Jones, Deborah, George and Teresa Brandon and Mario Kimbrough of Nostalgia 1 and 2 was in the house. Barbara Burton and Walter Malone were in the house and Barbara was dressed. She was hot, hot, hot, Holla!

Ok, ya’ll Dj Sherman is blowing his whistle rocking the house with “Hey, Girl How You Do It?” He laid out a nice dinner for all to feast. And the grown folks were on the dance floor doing the “am thang!” Holla! Happy Birthday, Dj Sherman.

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