Harvest The Dust

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Harvest The Dust

Harvest The Dust

HARVEST THE DUST is the first of a trilogy of fiction novels following three successive generations of the Tallman Family. The story is set in Colt, Arkansas in the Mid-1930s. The Tallmans were cotton farmers.

    Jacob and Clara Tallman married young and had four children, two girls and two boys. Jacob’s folks were sharecroppers. Clara’s mother was a domestic worker. Clara’s father was a prominent white doctor in the area – she could have passed for white but chose not to. She, in fact, despised her white-skin and would warn people to not talk about it. Her mother, a light-skin Negro, never accepted Jacob – because of his black-skin. Jacob and Clara defied her mother’s prediction again when they purchased their own land.

    This is a time when the Great Depression still held the nation in its grip: when President Roosevelt’s New Deal was struggling to bring some relief to the American People. It was a time when drought spread a quilt of dust across the Southern Great Plains.


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