He Made it Home!

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In our final installment of “the tale of the little dog who demanded help,” I come bearing good news.

After surviving being lost, standing in traffic, jumping in a car with a stranger (my mother) coping with being found and hauled off by the police to animal control, and finally cooperating with those who were trying to help him: the little dog – who is still unnamed – is home.

He learned quickly that if he did not want to stay in “doggy jail” he was going to need to change his attitude. Apparently he was barking and growling and being otherwise unpleasant while at animal control.

He wouldn’t share his toys and he definitely was not trying to share his food! His behavior nearly caused him to not be adopted. Animal control became concerned that he may bite or be aggressive. Eventually, our yet unclaimed dog settled down.

Many times we find ourselves unable to receive the prepared blessings that God has for us because our behavior is not aligned with God’s expectations for us. God expects us to act right and be an active part of the process of our blessings. We can’t ‘make it happen’ but there are times in life when our own actions cause problems. We can block our own blessings and cause the good things that God has in store for us to be delayed or outright denied.

After a bit of campaigning and email rallying, the little dog was released in our care and allowed to come home. As promised, great treats awaited his arrival. He loves popcorn, riding in the car and prancing around the neighborhood. When he went to the groomer he thought he was extra fabulous and spent the better part of the day randomly walking back and forth in front of us so that we could admire him!

For the first few days he seemed amazed that every time the food dish was emptied it was immediately refilled. He just stood and looked, tipping his head every once in awhile as if he was pondering how the new food system worked. He could eat and drink whenever he wanted to!

He was seen by a new African American vet in the neighborhood and got all of the benefits that come with being adopted! After he was examined, the doctor told us that he had cataracts.

I began to wonder if that is why his original family gave him up. I am so grateful that God does not give us up when we make mistakes, fall short, or it looks as though maintaining our care is going to be too much work or expense. His grace allows us to enjoy the benefits of adoption into the family of faith in Christ Jesus. This week, focus on three things that you can do to expedite your blessings the right way – right away!








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