He Said, She Said With Cedric and Niecy

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Should you drop a deadbeat dude? Is there any way to dodge  pesky in-laws? Get sage (and side-splitting) relationship tips from Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash of TV Land’s The Soul Man.

What’s a better first date option besides dinner and a movie?
Niecy: I suggest a phone date. If your conversation isn’t enough to make me want to talk to you again I’d rather find that out in my sweatpants before driving across town.
Is it ever a good idea to meet up with an ex without telling your partner?
N: I used to stay in touch with all my exes until my future husband said, “What if I’m rubbing your feet and the phone rings?” I changed my numbers.

Is it rude to ask your spouse to not invite in-laws you dislike to family functions?
N: A great compromise is to have the “outlaws” attend events that aren’t in your home because that will provide you with a convenient way to escape from any drama.

How can I stop my husband’s wandering eye?
Cedric: He got married; he didn’t go blind! You can always give him a taste of his own medicine and start checking out other guys right in front of him.
What’s the best way to tell someone you’ve cheated when you don’t want to break up?
C: Just say: “I only have three months to live.” Seriously, don’t give them too many details— and definitely don’t send them a direct link to the video.

How long should you stay in a relationship with someone who has “goals” but no job?
C: TLC said it best— you don’t want no scrubs. So you need to figure out how realistic these goals are and if you’re willing to stick around until they’re achieved.

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