The Healing Shower

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By Naomi MacKenzie  –

Hanging eucalyptus in your shower has many benefits.  From being an anti-inflammatory to sinus decongestant, there are many healthy reasons to create your own healing shower.

Why Eucalyptus? 

It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Did you know that inflammation can show up anywhere in the body when white blood cells (and other chemicals in the body) build up in an isolated location in the body to help protect it from harmful compounds? A nasty sore throat or arthritis are perfect examples of this. This is your body’s way of trying to protect itself from something such as bacteria or a virus.

Dealing with asthma? This is especially important for you! Regular usage of eucalyptus has been proven to help reduce the amount of steroidal medication needed by an asthma patient.

 It’s a powerful antimicrobial.

A eucalyptus shower will release a multitude of beneficial oils that fight viral and bacterial infections. This is a great method to try in the winter months when the flu and colds are prevalent. If you are suffering from upper respiratory issues, this can help clear your discomfort.  Another great way to accomplish this outside of simply breathing it in during your shower is to buy the oil and rub it onto your pillow at night.

It’s a known stress reliever.

So not only will eucalyptus clear your bronchial passageways and sinus cavities, the smell of eucalyptus alone triggers chemicals in the brain that relieve stress. The steam from the shower will amplify this by 1o.

How to: 

1. Purchase a fresh large bunch of eucalyptus plant from a local florist.

2. Tie the ends with an elastic band.

3. Use some rope/sealed wire to hang the eucalyptus leaves upside down from the shower head.

When you run your shower, the steam will rise up toward the eucalyptus leaves and fill your bathroom with a wonderful, relaxing eucalyptus scent! This scent contains beneficial eucalyptus oils which will improve your breathing, relax your mind and put a fresh spin on your day!



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