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Book focuses on helping Black women cope with breast cancer

St. Louis, Missouri – In honor of African American women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, three time author, freelance writer, and community activist, Zekita delivers an insightful and inspiring book titled ‘One Breast, Two Breasts: Surviving Breast Cancer with Babies, Books, and Bills—A Book of Practical Wisdom and Inspiration.’

“One Breast, Two Breasts” is a superb piece of nonfiction that invites the reader into a world of a young, single African American mother’s life who was diagnosed with an advanced stage of aggressive breast cancer at the age of thirty one and survived.

Zekita offers anecdotes full of hope and wisdom along with courage and passion that will show the reader true strength and faith.  Author, Zekita addresses the most mundane aspects of life as a young mother and how she was able to cope with chemotherapy, being a mother of two young girls, being a student, having a radical mastectomy while maintaining as an author and small business owner, and most importantly—being a survivor.

She allows the reader into the very heart of breast cancer diagnosis and tells stories full of wisdom that are sure to give hope to any woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer young or old. “One Breast, Two Breast” is sure to give recognition to the unique struggle with breast cancer that African American women face. The book is also a vehicle of love and encouragement for supporters of women on this journey. Over the years of searching for a cure for this horrible disease the face of breast cancer has been one that many African American women cannot identify with.  The books about fighting and surviving or just simply dealing with the disease have very seldom been molded to fit the lives of everyday African American women.

“One Breast, Two Breasts” motivates the reader to recognize and to celebrate the lives and journeys of the African American women who too are often devastated by this disease.

Zekita most recent works include the African American youth study guide, “YourStory Book One.” She has been published by countless newspapers and online publications across the U.S., West Africa, and in London.  Zekita has also been a featured essayist for ABC World News and has been a guest on several radio shows including the “Roland S. Martin Show” (Chicago), “The Intersection” with award winning journalist Rebecca Roberts (DC), and “The Urban Journal” with Keith Murphy (XM Radio).

She is a native of St. Louis, MO and currently lives there with her two young daughters, Niambi and Yanahni. Available June 25, 2010 at Barnes & Noble (,, Baker&Taylor, Ingram, and  at independent bookstores across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. Also available at  Visit website for more information.

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