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by Carter Drugs Store

Mothers, come back to yourself.  Mother’s nurture, protect and feed their children. Do you think canned milk can replace the unique nutricianal value your body provides your child (through breastfeeding) that makes him or her strong and healthy?

From conception, the first four months of life are crucial in determining the vitality, strength and stamina of a child. During this period, all organs, nervous systems, skeletal structure and limbs are being formed. What should you be feeding the fetus during that time?

A. Frozen Foods

B. Canned Foods

C. Processed Boxed Foods

D. Freshly prepared Foods

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to choose the correct answer. Here are some cheat sheets.

1. Exercise speeds up the delivery system of nutrients, oxygen and waste removal to all parts of your body and your baby’s body. In addition to that, it keeps your muscles toned. Toned muscles make for an easier delivery.

2. Learn the power of thought over your physical being. Meditate on having a healthy baby, balanced relationships; productivity and foremost, on serving your lord.

3. Swiss Char, Spinach, & Broccoli are green foods that take less than 15 minutes to cook. Add a little olive oil, garlic and scallions.

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