Heat keeping doctors and paramedics busy

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(CBS – Bryan/College Station, TX)

Local doctors and paramedics say they’re still seeing cases of heat exhaustion even in the milder weather. That’s because temperature isn’t the only factor. High humidity mixed with the heat can lead to deadly conditions outside.

“Our calls do increase with it,” said Trevor LaRoche with Bryan Fire Department, “With the rain there’s a lot of humidity.”

According to Dr. Clint Chi Cheng, M.D. with St. Joseph Family Medicine, humidity increases the dangers of the heat.

“When it’s humid one of the main mechanisms when your body cools off is by sweating and if the humidity is over 70% that mechanism is decreased,” said Cheng.

Those most at risk include people who work outside, young children and the elderly.

“Kids don’t sweat as easily as adults.The elderly are taking more medications and are not able to compensate as well,” said Cheng.

Everyone is at risk though.Especially those who aren’t use to the muggy heat in Texas. Like a 15 year old boy who suffered heat stroke this week in Sam Houston National Forest.

“It progressed from simple heat exhaustion to more of a heat stroke and a true life threatening emergency,” said Jimmy Williams with New Waverly Volunteer Fire Department. The teen did survive, but remains in serious condition.

“A lot of times they don’t notice it until it’s too late,” said LaRoche.

An emergency that can strike with hardly any warning and in a matter of seconds, turn deadly.

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