Help Most Wanted: 5 Biggest Worker Shortages

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When the economy is tough and millions of people are pounding the pavement searching for jobs, you don’t expect to read about worker shortages. But it’s true: Employers in some industries can’t find the workers they need.

Each year, the giant employment agency ManpowerGroup asks employers to name which workers are most in demand and the reasons it’s difficult filling those hot jobs. ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey for 2012 polled more than 1,300 U.S. employers and found nearly half are having trouble filling vital positions.

Companies desperate for workers often have a hard time finding qualified candidates. “This skills mismatch has major ramifications on employment and business success in the U.S and around the globe,” says Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup’s president of the Americas.

Another challenge is that some applicants want more money than an employer offers, or they turn down part-time or temporary positions because they want full-time work.

Requirements for hard-to-fill jobs vary. Some positions call only for professional skills or previous work experience, but others require college degrees or specialized certification.

Read on for this year’s five top worker shortages. If you’re out of work, hot jobs may be waiting for someone with your skills.

Skilled Trades

Positions in skilled trades, such as welders and electricians, lead ManpowerGroup’s list of the hardest jobs to fill in 2012.

One reason is that American companies and schools haven’t prepared the workforce for these types of jobs, says Edward Gordon, president of Imperial Consulting Corp., which helps companies with employment planning.


Engineering has been a hot profession for many years, accenting the need for more students to pursue math, science and technology studies. Plus, employers needing engineers complain that they can’t find candidates with industry-specific qualifications or certifications.













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