He’s Not Dead

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We recently moved our ministry office to new location. The process was a major undertaking even though we had a wonderful team of workers who went above and beyond in an effort to make the process quick and smooth! I was reminded that I truly do not enjoy the moving process. Luckily, their hard work allowed me to stay out of most of the process.

One of the complications of moving a business is not just the moving of things, it is the relocation of services such as alarm, video security, phone and internet services.

As I began the process of transferring the utilities, they began to ask me to make up a variety of security questions to protect my accounts. I read aloud to my staff one of the many options, “Who would you most like to meet (living or dead)?” I asked those who knew me best, “Who do you think I would say?” I repeated what I thought would be a hint,” living or dead.”

One person chimed in, “Mary J. Blige” which is actually a great guess – but wrong never the less. I repeated my hint and the staff were stumped. I narrowed it down and said, “The person is dead.” Still no response. I was surprised by that because I figured that they would know that I would want to meet with Jesus!

One of the women in the office looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Pastor, He’s not dead!” I was thinking about his death on the cross, while this young lady was thinking about His present state! She was absolutely correct, He is not dead!

How often do we go through life acting as though God is dead? We look at bills, home situations and life’s challenges and lack faith to stand strong because we forget that God is alive, well and on the throne.

There is nothing too hard for God and when we remember that we are able to succeed through His power, might and spirit we will quit so easily or complain as much.

As we continue the celebration of the independence of this country, believers have the unique ability to celebrate an even greater gift – liberty from hell through Jesus Christ – all because He’s not dead.














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