Hey, Hey, Hey, Good Bye

Written by admin   // April 26, 2010   // 0 Comments

I-Witness is still waiting for right wing conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh to leave America as he promised he would if President Barack Obama signed into law the new health care reform bill.

Well, President Obama has made it law. Why isn’t Rush gone? I’m so disappointed that he’s still here.

While I-Witness believes in free speech for all Americans, those who take advantage of free speech to simply make money by lying and giving misinformation to people to incite reactions that could cause people harm are irresponsible. Limbaugh is one of those people.

We all knew Rush was not being truthful when he made the statement about leaving America. He knows there is no other place in the world he could go and have the kinds of freedom he has here in America.

Should he go anywhere else in the world talking the stuff he talks, his head would roll.

So for all those who listens to Rush, take anything he says with a grain of salt.

He’s not an honest person, doesn’t keep his word and now we’re stuck with him! Come on Rush. Be a real man! For once keep your word and leave. America will be better off without you.

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