Hines proposes joint bus safety effort

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The images of violent attacks on city buses have bombarded local news. Story after story, recent tales of violence erupting on buses – from passengers being attacked to bus drivers being assaulted – are told.

What has ensued is a debate between city officials over public safety on Milwaukee buses.

In the midst of the debate,Milwaukee Common Council PresidentWillie

Hines has proposed a cooperative city-county effort to improve security on county buses.

Hines is encouraging County Board Chairman Lee Holloway to immediately end the contract the county currently has with a private firm to provide security on county buses.

In a letter to Holloway, Hines suggests a city-county memorandum of understanding whereby Milwaukee police officers could help ensure security on county buses.

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of our residents, I believe jurisdictional and municipal boundaries are irrelevant,” Hines said.

In my opinion, I do not believe that taxpayers are necessarily concerned about where funding for bus security comes from, only that those funds be spent wisely and with the best outcome in mind.”

The recent rash of assaults on bus riders and violent incidents toward drivers in recent years has prompted Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn to assign police officers to ride county buses.

The incidents have also exposed the ineffective work of the private firm hired by the county to provide security on buses.

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