Holiday Hangover: Why the office party can lead to big trouble

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Unlike in Vegas, what happens at the company holiday party doesn’t stay at that party. Contrary to popular belief, coupon users aren’t cheapskates – they’re big spenders. And if you’re worried that freelancers are unreliable, don’t be. Here’s a closer look at some of the latest small-business surveys.

The fun and games at the company holiday party can quickly take a turn for the worse when the booze is flowing freely. In a recent national survey by nonprofit Caron Treatment Centers, more than half the people who’ve attended work-related outings say they’ve observed the following among colleagues under the influence of alcohol:

* Seen someone flirt with a co-worker or supervisor (30 percent)

* Heard a colleague or supervisor share inappropriate details about themselves or a co-worker (26 percent)

* Witnessed someone arguing or becoming aggressive with a colleague or supervisor (19 percent)

* Learned of co-workers or supervisors engaging in sexual activity while under the influence of alcohol (9 percent)

You would be wise to keep these stats in mind as you plan your company’s holiday party this year. Inappropriate party behavior can lead to plenty of problems for a business owner, including sexual harassment claims.

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