Holiday Tipping Etiquette: Who do you tip and who do you skip?

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The holidays are a time for sharing goodwill and expressing gratitude.

One of the most appreciated expressions of gratitude to those who support and assist you in your life all year long is the holiday tip.

Whether it’s your doorman, a favorite server at a restaurant, or the person who shovels or plows your drive so you can get to work every day, a holiday tip is the perfect way to say thank you.

The following is meant to guide you in determining who to tip and how much.

* Newspaper Carrier – If your paper was consistently delivered to your door and not the neighbors and wrapped when it was raining, a tip of $20-$50 is appropriate.

* Mail Carrier – Since government employees are not allowed to accept cash, consider giving a gift card to a local store or restaurant in an amount up to $20.

* Housekeeper – This is one area you don’t want to mess up! You have a special relationship with a service provider who cleans your home or office. Gift bags and gift cards are always nice but if you know your housekeeper can use the money, the standard is tipping what you pay per visit.

* Hair stylist – Your stylist makes you look good every day and your tip should reflect it. Holiday tipping (or gifting) is appreciated but not required. If you do tip, give the cost of your cut, or, at least twice your regular tip (15-20% of the bill). Gift ideas include homemade candy or cookies, wine, a personal item like a toy for your stylist’s beloved dog, or, a gift card from a national on-line retailer like Remember: A lot depends on how long you’ve been with your stylist – a 20-year relationship trumps someone new.













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