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219100 down, 43,000 to go, I-Witness touching Black people all over the city of Milwaukee and the world one event at a time.

Black People are the First Wonder of the World –

“Until the Lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

–African proverb —

Ponte De Aria

Be Ever Wonderful – (Brazilian Rhyme)

Thought of the Week

“Courage faces fear and thereby masters it.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank You, Rolanda Watts

Character is like pregnancy, you cannot hide it. Thank You, Michelle Allison

Word of the Week




Plumpness of person, stoutness.


1. With his embonpoint, Mr Soames appears to be wearing a quadruple-breasted suit.
— Simon Hoggart,

2. His embonpoint expands by the day and his eyes are buried in the fat of his cheeks.

Source Doctor Dictionary.

Birthday Holla-Out

Hey, Milwaukee County Transit System, Happy 150th birthday. Our drivers do a great job traveling thousands of folks daily to their destination and they do it with a smile. Milwaukee County should truly show great appreciation to the 1000-plus bus drivers. Thank You to all the wonderful drivers.

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