Hometown Triple Threat: Jacob Latimore, Jr.

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by Aja Chestine
It’s not surprising that 16-year-old Jacob Latimore Jr.–a Milwaukee native– continues to elevate his career, becoming a triple threat singing, dancing and acting.
Gaining momentum off this year’s accomplishments, Jacob has set himself up to reach all-time highs heading into 2013. As a child growing up, Jacob was constantly surrounded by the music of his father and uncles, who make up the Gospel/R&B Group, “The Latimore Brothers.”
I asked Jacob did he feel destined to follow in the family’s footsteps. He quickly responded, “Yes, I’ve always loved music. I began performing at a very young age.” Jacob’s family roots are not his only musical influences. He says artists like Michael Jackson, Usher and Justin Timberlake have had an enormous impact on him creatively.
In 2007, Jacob and his family relocated from Milwaukee to Atlanta in order for Jacob to aggressively pursue a career in the music industry. “The move truly propelled my career in the right direction,” Jacob said.
In 2010, Jacob signed a deal with Jive Records, which produced and released his first single, “Like ‘Em All,” was is a collaboration with Diggy Simmons.
Asked who he would like to work with next, Jacob named Rapper Big Sean, Pop Superstar Justin Bieber and R&B Singer Frank Ocean. In 2011 Jacob was featured on the “Scream Tour” with Mindless Behavior & Diggy Simmons. Given all the travel he’s doing promoting his music, I asked Jacob if was presently attending school? “Yes, I take on-line classes and if there was time, I would love to attend college.”
While speaking with Jacob, I could sense his kind heart and humble spirit. I inquired if he was currently affiliated with any charitable organizations. “No, not at this time, but I would love to start a foundation for children with Downs Syndrome. I have a little cousin who has the disease. I think it’s important to give back.”
I asked Jacob what advice he would offer other young people chasing their dreams. “You must study your craft,” he said. “If it’s singing or dancing, practice daily and no matter what, never give up.”
Realizing the elusive title of “Teen Sensation” is looming over his head, Jacob doesn’t feel any pressure to be a positive role model. “I live a positive lifestyle everyday, so I don’t feel pressure to do something that comes naturally to me.”
Many artists have received the title of “triple threat.” But Jacob feels the title fits him like a glove. He’s set to release his highly anticipated mix-tape titled, “This Is Me,” which displays his increasing maturity and growth as a young man and an artist.
Next year, Jacob will take center stage in his own TV series on BET titled, “Young Man on Campus.” He’s also shooting a new movie with a variety of celebrities.
Jacob is definitely on his way to being recognized as a certified triple threat. When asked about returning to Milwaukee, Jacob breaks breaks out a wide grin. “I get so excited when I return home. My family and friends still live here, so this will always be home for me.” Jacob is set to perform in a Christmas Concert December 14 at Destiny Youth Plaza, 7210 N. 76th St., starting at 6 p.m. The concert will most likely leave his fans craving for more of the astonishing triple threat: Singer, dancer and actor Jacob Latimore Jr.











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