Hope Dreams from a Black Thanksgiving Past

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From Slaves to Ethnic Americans, Blacks have a great deal of History for which to be Thankful. Many Americans sacrificed their life in our journey in Crossing the Color Curtain.
Now for the Quiz. You knew it was coming. So let’s get started. You all know who Larry Dobby was, right? And perhaps Jackie Robinson. Well who was the first Black NBA players? Got most of you, didn’t I. But you really shoud know the names of Earl Lloyd, Nat Clifton and Chuck Cooper. You really should know your history. Go right to Google and look them up if you don’t know why you should be thankful and Give Thanks.
Hope Dreams from a Black Thanksgiving Present
From Colin Powell to President Barack Obama, selectively Blacks are inheriting positions of power. Progress is Progress as many African Americans are Crossing the Color Curtain despite the ubiquitous presence of poverty. it is a blessing that racism has become more blatant knowing that the enemy you can see is the enemy you identify strategies around to work toward an ever new beginning so Give Thanks.
Hope Dreams from a Black Thanksgiving Future
What is your Thanksgiving Dream? Have you made out your Thanksgiving Dream List yet? Sort of a Christmas Wish Llst for Thanksgiving. A Future Thanksgiving Dream List for which you could be thankful in a time not to far in the future. But you’ll need an active, realistic To Do List to get to your Thanksgiving Dream List fulfilled. Get Started.
Have a Very Black Thanksgiving.







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