Hosea Chanchez Shares New Details About ‘The Game’

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by Chantell O. Black, Jet

As BET’s hit series, The Game, gears up for it’s sixth season airing at the beginning of the new year, major changes will be added to the show. From Brandy getting more face time to Lauren London adding the cast, the show’s most loved and hated character, Malik, played by Hosea Chanchez, talks to JETmag.com and tells us what we can expect next season….besides the obvious change of faces.

Next year, The Game will reveal a new cast. What can fans expect with this upcoming season?

Other than the obvious changes of no Melanie and Derwin, (laughs) the biggest changes are the new storylines and new characters.

Your character Malik has gone through a lot these past seasons, mostly off the football field. What’s going on with him this season?

Malik is back on top of his game in a different way, showing just a mountain of maturity. Still with his normal bratty ways, from his experiences with the substance issues and the woman issues and daddy issues, it’s just a different element that comes to pass for him.

How do you feel the writers did integrating Lauren London and Jay Ellis’ characters to the show?

Well first, they aren’t replacing Tia [Mowry] and Pooch [Hall]. The show is always introducing new characters every season and that’s what this is, which is smart because fans are smart. You can’t just change the actors on a show and keep the same characters and think fans wouldn’t notice. So the writers were smart enough to do it in a way that the show still hold a lot of its weight, you just have two new people to add to the weight that’s already there. The biggest thing would be getting used to seeing those two new characters every week for the fans, but the writers found a way for the characters to be really likeable and be really integrated to the show.

How do you think the new actors will bring a different vibe to the show?

That’s an interesting question because you would have to believe there was some sort of tradeoff between the two sets of actors and I don’t believe that we did that. Lauren already has built a name for herself so she isn’t taking someone’s position, she’s just a new character being added to the show. So I can’t really say what they’ll add based on what they’ll be taking away because they are different characters. For example, Lauren’s style is so different from Tia’s. She’s a completely different woman and they are completely different actors. That’s neither good or bad, it’s just there’s no comparison, it’s just different acting.

Name three things to look forward to in the next season.

The loss of Melanie and Derwin, the evolution of Malik’s character and Chardonnay (Brandy) comes back as a lead character. Brandy really did her thing this season.

What do you love about The Game as both a star on the show and as a fan?

What I love the most being on the show is just the love of the fans. Being able to do something that people care about especially being a Black male and in a dying breed of comedies and dramas, there are not many that look like us on TV. To be a part of something that people relentlessly fought for to come back on the air, you just don’t see that anymore. What I love about the show itself looking at it from the outside, is that I love the relationship between the couples. From Malik and his mom to past seasons of Melanie and Derwin and I’ve grown to appreciate Jason Pitt’s character (Coby Bell) because he’s more real to me than ever. At first I couldn’t identify with what he went through but now because of how familiar he has become to me over the seasons I can respect the difference because he brings a different element to the show. He’s my favorite character of the show.

What do you think of social media becoming a heavy influence on the success of the show?

I know some people will be tuning into the show just to see if we’ll fail and see how much ratings we’ll get, but we appreciate all the support given. Twitter is one of the reasons why The Game came back on the air and why it got its high ratings.

This is off topic but what are your holiday plans?

I don’t really have any plans because I’ll be working until Christmas Eve. After that I’ll see what everyone is doing.

Any New Year’s Resolutions?

I don’t really make resolutions. I pretty much live my life in the moment and try to live in my purpose all the time. I don’t make any resolutions for the year because I’m steadily growing and challenging myself and changing. The beginning of the year I’m just more thankful I get to see another year. There isn’t anything I would say at the beginning of the year that I haven’t said to God throughout the year.

If you could be any holiday food item what would it be and why?

I would be fried chicken because it goes for every holiday. You can only eat turkey one time a year. I don’t want to be chosen just on Thanksgiving. Fried chicken goes with every holiday, every occasion and every type of sentimental thing. Fried chicken is always there no matter what culture you are. So that’s why I want to be fried chicken, because it’s wanted, all the time.












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