House hunting in the summertime!

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by Lisa Williams, REALTOR®, CRS, GRI, BPOR Williams & Associates Realty

Here are some tips for you when house hunting in the summertime. The market may slow down a bit due to the warmer weather and home prices may increase as well so you should be prepared for when you’ve found the right one.

Lack of Inventory

How will you know when you’ve found “the one.” It’s important to be patient and keep your eye on the prize. With low inventory “The one” doesn’t show up overnight. You may see many houses, learn about the market and maybe even have a heartbreak or two. All of these experiences will inform you and provide serious context when “the one” presents itself.

Must-haves and Deal-breakers

Most buyers begin their home search with a list of wants, needs, must-haves and even deal-breakers. You will never get it all, so it’s important to know when to compromise. Often the “perfect” home will come along, but don’t lose sight of your checklist. You may see a nice kitchen that you can’t seem to forget about, but if the home doesn’t have room for the two cars, doesn’t have the required square footage or lacks that all-important second bathroom, you may need to move on.

It’s Not the End until Closing Happens

You may write a good offer but another buyer may offer more than you, may have a larger down payment or may offer the seller a swift closing and more favorable terms. It’s not a done deal once the contract is signed. Many times a buyer and seller come to an agreement on terms and price, even sign a contract, only to have a series of issues come up in the disclosure and inspection phase. Know that dozens of issues can come up.

Being Patient

Know upfront that the home shopping process will be a journey. Expect to see a lot of homes and know you will learn a lot along the way. No matter how frustrating the process is, believe that the journey will eventually come to an end and that “the one” will present itself in due time. The more knowledge you have the more you will know when the right “one” comes along and you’re ready to seal the deal. Happy House Hunting!





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