How Much Power Will You Give It?

Written by admin   // September 22, 2011   // 0 Comments

Today was one of those days. It was the kind of day where you wish you had been forewarned about the events of the day so that you could have gone out of town, called in or stayed under the warmth of your covers. I am an early riser which means that I am often in the office at or before seven in the morning. I made it in early, began working on tasks then was thrown off by an ill timed request. I am sure that you too have experienced someone telling you they have a need long after they should have told you. Standing at the oven is no time to be notified that your household is fresh out of ingredients for dinner. Likewise, my arrival into the office was not the time to tell me that our office needed an item that I could have picked up at any one of the three chain grocery stores that I passed on the way into the office. Had I been notified at the close of business the day before I could have simply added it to my route. Regardless of the cause I now had to provide the solution. So I got back in my car, relinquished my perfect parking spot and went back down the street I had just traveled to pick up an item that I had passed three times over. I was not happy. When I returned, the parking deck were our offices are located was now full and I had to park on the roof of the parking structure. Again, I was not happy.

When I entered the office I was met by word of a miscommunication from another agency that had the potential to cause my students to be frustrated in their efforts to get GED’s. I told my staff member, “Get it straightened out because I am not in the mood, I’ve already wasted my morning.” I walked out and sat back at my desk, frustrated that the day had gone so poorly and that my perfectly planned day was now in disarray. I looked at the clock and it was 9:13 AM. I shook my head at the realization that I had allowed myself to be so irritated that I had written off my entire morning, which for most people, was only 13 minutes old. I had given the unscheduled errand and the miscommunication too much power. I decided, in my frustration, that my challenges could not be overcome. I labeled my morning a failure and without the help of God, that’s exactly what it would have become. I had a choice to make, would I continue to give voice to my frustration and give life to my own defeat or would I pull it together and refocus? I decided to get some fresh air and do some other tasks, in the process, my Ipad went into a hibernation mode that only the Apple store will probably be able to fix, the printer did not get my project and the list goes on. Even then, I had a choice to make – write off the afternoon or make the best of it. I decided to make the best of it and not allow myself to give power to the enemy by having a pity party or worse yet, being a quitter. Too often we miss out on the blessings of God because momentary challenges unnerve, anger or confuse us into giving up the joy that awaits us if we continue to hold onto God’s unchanging hand.

How many families are ruined by the same attitude? The attitude that tells children what they can not be instead of what they can accomplish. The attitude that refuses to forgive or release a person from a debt. How much power will you give the negative things in your life? What are you accomplishing by speaking doom and gloom over your situation? Do you feel better now that you have told yourself, your family and your situation that all hope is lost – probably not! This week make an effort not to give power to the wrong things. God is able to keep us and strengthen us and turn our sadness into joy if we just hold on!

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