How To Age Gracefully & Graciously

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by Deborah Easton, BDO Contributing Writer

In a society that seems only to idolize what’s new and young, it can be hard to accept seeing the signs of time on our faces and bodies.

Thankfully, we live in an era of being able to fix, hide or camouflage just about anything. However, one thing remains true, you can lie about your age, refuse to tell your age and even successfully mask your age but in the end, age is about far more than just the way we look.

Examine Your Views on What’s Old
Remember when you were in first grade, your teacher seemed old. In our teens, 20’s were intriguing, yet light years away from anything we could fathom. Life has a way of changing and expanding what we consider old the closer we approach that age. It’s amazing how young 70 seems when you’re in your 50’s.

Separate How You Look From How You Feel
It’s pointless to compete with your younger self. Stop comparing how you look today with how you looked in your twenties. Over time, looks fade. That’s not always the easiest fact of life to make friends with, but one that must be respected. It’s great to celebrate youth and beauty, but be careful to understand that neither of those things define you. Maintaining a fit body by eating well and exercising can help you stay healthy, which is one key to feeling beautiful at any age.

Exercise to Exorcise Self Doubt
Keeping your body agile and in shape helps to keep you looking your best at any age. Yoga and Pilates help to keep the body stretched, toned and limber, while also relaxing the mind. When you’re taking good care of yourself, it shows.

Get Involved
Involvement keeps us young. Volunteer. Mentor a young coworker. Sharing the beauty of who you are is a good way to stay eternally young.

Embrace a New Bliss
Find a new hobby, a new interest, something you’ve wanted to do before but may not have had the time for. Enjoyment and exhilaration never fade. Beware of letting your age dictate your willingness to learn new things and have new exciting experiences.

Accept Yourself, Express Yourself
You’ve earned the right to wear your age proudly. Refuse to accept society’s definition of what’s beautiful. Don’t apologize for those smile lines or crows feet. Don’t be afraid or shy about expressing the fact that you love and totally accept yourself exactly as you are.

Fighting with the notion of getting older is a foolish battle. When you look around, do you find yourself surrounded by friends, a loving spouse, children and grandchildren? Do you see the fruit of things you took time to cultivate over time? Pause to value all of the gifts and blessings in your life. Feel good about feeling good. Thank the Creator for bringing you this far. Celebrate every beautiful sunrise you’ve been graced to see.















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