How To Create A Beautiful Marriage

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If you think you might want to marry, what beats a big, expensive wedding?

A recent CNN series on contemporary weddings titled their headline article “Don’t Waste Your Money On Your Wedding!” That’s a strong warning, countering powerful headwinds that run in the opposite direction. The typical wedding these days costs an average of $30,000 to host, not to mention the costs guests may spend on travel and hotels in order to attend. So is there an alternative?

A far less expensive alternative is to first spend money on learning how to make decisions together in a cooperative and loving way. Read a book, peruse blog posts on the skills you need before getting married, or take a course on marriage communication skills. For next to nothing in expenses, you’ve laid the groundwork for creating a wedding that will be truly win-win, plus a marriage that will continue to uphold your traditions in excellent joint communication skills.

What behaviors indicate that you’re making decisions together in a way that’s cooperative and loving? “Cooperative” means you treat each other as teammates, not adversaries. “Loving” means listening — truly listening to your partner’s concerns.


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