How to Design a Great Bed Wall

Written by admin   // June 10, 2012   // 0 Comments

•Unify your backdrop with a single paint tone, or wall detail

•Let the bed be the feature of the wall and the room

•Flank the bed with large chests or unique side tables

•Add a pair of functional, matching lamps or pendants

•If you have a substantial headboard, stack art above the nightstands instead

This room follows all these principals to a tee. Great monochromatic bed detail, a tall simple headboard as the focal point of the room, bed is flanked with large scale chests that are beautiful and functional, a matching pair of lamps and finally a unique pendant light fixture that adds depth to the space.

Don’t break the rules even if you have double beds instead. Here is a perfect example of how to address this situation. A killer piece of furniture between the beds, stacked vertical art, a pair of matching lamps and voila!

No one would ever know that to the right of this bed is a doorway, hidden by the wood paneling – this room illustrates “unify your backdrops” to the fullest. Now it is a strong, symmetrical wall. This room combines the need for art and lighting into one with these dramatic and trendy pendant lights.

More affordable example. Pendant light, large chests, matching lamps, tall headboard.

More affordable example. Pendant light, unified backdrop, and large chests.

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