How To Survive The Holiday Eating Frenzy

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The holidays give us the opportunity to enjoy family, friends and most of all FOOD, FOOD, FOOD.  From now until the New Year, almost every favorite relative will encourage us to partake in what I call the “SEEFOOD Diet.”

There will be plenty of ham, turkey, pot roast, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, vegetables, breads and desserts gracing the dinner table.  It is very hard to turn down any one dish because someone will surely get offended…at least that is the excuse I always use.

What should only last of couple of days becomes weeks of indulging in bad eating habits.

But wait, it is okay that we’ve splurged for an entire month because our New Year’s weight loss resolution will surely save the day. Right?

If you are tired of making the same resolution and not sticking to it, utilize some of my tips to help you survive the holiday eating frenzy.

8 Holiday Eating Survival Tips:

1. Don’t deprive yourself all day and eat one big meal
2. Drink lots of water with your meal, which will keep you full
3. Double up on the non starchy vegetables
4. Limit those decadent high fat and cholesterol favorites
5. Try splitting desserts with someone (i.e. 1/2 slice of pie)
6. Learn to just say no and take focus off food
7. Don’t go back for a second serving
8. Practice, practice, practice portion control



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