Hupy and Abraham launches its mobile app

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Hupy and Abraham , S.C. , Wisconsin ’s largest personal injury firm, has today announced the launch of its mobile app. The app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices.

Hupy and Abraham , S.C. offers this free app to further help users act in jeopardizing circumstances. Some of the features include an accident checklist, a free case evaluation, and the ability to personally document evidences of accident through photo and audio recording features. Users can also get automatic help in dangerous circumstances with the 911 shake to call or one tap call feature or even chat live with the firm’s support team.

Hupy and Abraham , S.C. has built a reputation of service and results through its decades of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. This app is an extension of the firm’s conviction to keep clients well informed, to offer personal attention to every client, and to help beyond the call of duty, continually helping clients recover millions of dollars for injuries and suffering.






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