I can show you better than I tell you: Bedbugs (part 2)

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by Brenda and Jeffery Hardy, Sr.

Statistics show that one in five Americans now report that they have had bedbug infestation or know someone who has encountered bedbugs at home or in a hotel.

Yet there is still a lot to be learned about these pests. In this installment of Ask the Exterminator, we will once again shed light on those pesky critters.


80% of people are most concern about encountering bedbugs at hotels.

52% on public transportation.

49% in movie theaters.

44% in retail stores.

40% in medical facilities.

36%in their own homes.

32% equally pointed to places of employment and friends homes.

Have you ever heard the old expression “I can show you better than I can tell you?”

While many people are concerned about encountering a bedbug, most people have never seen a bedbug.

Here is a picture of what a bedbug look like.

Many people think that by throwing away your furniture (beds, couches, etc.) you can get rid of the bedbug problem.

In actuality, by throwing away furniture, you have only gotten rid of one of the many hiding places of the bedbug. The truth is that they may still be in other places inside your home.

A common misconception is that bedbugs are found in dirty homes or places. Bedbugs should not be defined with filth or sanitation. They can live for a year or more without eating and withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Bed bugs can be controlled with vigilant and frequent visits from a Professional Pest control company.

If you think you might have a bedbug problem that’s when it is time to call a professional.

A bedbug is not a pest that you can control on your own.

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