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Gee’ Clipper’s Barber and Salon, African World Festival and Milwaukee Urban Entertainment Alliance hosted an all “White Affair” on the lake front at Discovery World. I-Witness was unable to attend, but as a community reporter, there were those there e-pictured me or facebooked me as the event was going on. Thanks for technology. Holla!

With more than 2000 people in attendance, the event brought folks out of all generations together to party, making it the most talked about event of the year, so far

All of the event sponsors were celebrating a milestone.

Gaulien (Gee) Smith was celebrating 15 years in business. Gee has found a way to keep his partners employed through the toughest of times. I-Witness salutes him for maintaining a successful business in our community.

Milwaukee Urban Entertainment Alliance (MUEA) was celebrating 5 years of productive and positive entertainment here in the city. Many of the promoters, Deejays, poets, and other entertainers and artist came together five years ago to form MUEA as a way to showcase some of the best talent in the nation, as well as to show there is a lot to do in Milwaukee for the young professional and young at heart.

Lastly, African World Festival celebrated being back in stride again, bringing African World Festival back to life, after a two-year absence.

I-Witness watched some of the live video steam, and saw that folks were too sharp in their all white with blue skies and blue waters behind them.

This was a really special event because it brought together generations, something that needs to be done more often, like back in the day. There truly was no generation gap at this “All White Affair;” it was a part-ee.

There were all kinds of entertainment. But what was really great is that an appeal was made to purchase African World Festival Tickets and over 2500 were purchase that night.

Al Spears had the funniest story about the “All White Affair.” He stated that his wife, Cheryl, told him they were going out on Saturday and he needed to dress in all white.

Thinking he and his wife were headed to a church event, he was surprised to drive to Discovery World on the Lake and see so many Black people dressed in white with cocktails in their hands. “I began to wonder what kind of church event is this,” he said.

To which his wife replied, “I didn’t tell you it was a church event.” All in all, Al said he had a good time with all the young people and being out with Cheryl.

I salute Gee’s Clipper’s, Milwaukee Urban Entertainment Alliance and African World Festival for setting goals and making them happen. I truly want to salute ya’ll for showing this community that Black people can work together, no matter the age, equally, ya’ll know that Black people love coming together to party.

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