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I-Witness thought she would weigh in on the demand by male MPS teachers to include the sex enhancing drug called Viagra into their health benefits.

Well I am somewhat opposed to it being included unless for those men who have prostate problems or other medical problems that interfere with their sexual pleasures. After all I want all women to be sexually fulfilled because we deserve it… Holla!

Other than that, healthy men should do as they have done for centuries pay for whatever sexual enhancements they need.

As a woman I am not sure it works. It has always been my understanding that sex is 10% physical and 90% mental. Holla! Men I know who use it say it does, but I haven’t heard from any of the women that it’s making a big difference in their life. Holla!

To equate Viagra to the coverage of birth control for women as a health need is absurd. Come on guys, that’s the one thing you should be glad to have covered for women.

Men have always found a way to pay for their pleasures so for all you healthy teachers who feel you have a need for Viagra, you need to pay for it. Just do like the guys back in the day when gin was the Viagra: Get a couple shots of gin, and just think you can go all night long, Holla!

Ground Zero

There is a brewing controversy over American Muslims wanting to build a religious mosque and Islamic cultural center on the site of the World Trade Center in New York, where many Americans of all cultures were killed in a terrorist attack.  It is believed that the attacks were done by Muslims, so those who lost their love ones don’t want to see American Muslims build on the site.

It is really interesting that the families of those who were killed are saying that it is a matter of respect that “these” people don’t build on this site; they claim it’s about respect and sensitivity.

Ok, as an American I was horrified when the 9/11 attacks happened. My doctor at the time, Dr. Denis Laurencin’s brother, Charles Laurencin, was killed. He died a hero. He had got out of the building but went back in to help save other people.

At that time, according to television and other mass media reports on the attack, for several weeks one would not have believed that any Black people died in the attack, much less died as a hero, helping to save the lives of others no matter what the color or religion.

I-Witness is trying to wrap her head around the whole thing about respect and decency that the families are talking about as to why American Muslims should not build on the land.

They are saying one thing but their actions are showing something else. Those who are against the mosque being built can truly be perceived as outright racist. The name calling, personal attacks on American Muslims and anyone else including President Obama who supports American Muslims religious right to build a house of worship where ever they choose, is unnecessary. My God, this is America. This country was built on religious rights.

Here again, White people in American continue to think that America belongs totally to them. I guess they would after all they have stolen for it, killed for it, enslaved for it, so they think America is theirs and they are entitled to have things their way.

As usual they have been sleeping at the wheel, and have now waken up to find a colored America. Furthermore, they are shocked to see the Statue of Liberty is no longer wearing a white dress and the torch she is holding has a multitude of colors.

I sympathize with all those who were injured or lost love ones. But when I hear the families talk it is like they are blaming all American Muslims for the attack on the World Trade Center, which surprises me greatly because they weren’t the ones who did it, they lost family members as well.

The very same people who say do not to blame them for slavery because they weren’t there to enslave anyone (but their families are still benefiting from slavery) are now the very same people who say to American Muslims, “we don’t care that you lost love ones, and that you were not the ones who blew up the World Trade Center and attacked America. You are Muslim just like the ones who did it.” Now if that’s not racist and denying one to practice freedom of religion, then someone please show me what is.

I-Witness says to the families of those who died and those who lived: someone like Charles Laurencin gave his up his family and his life to go back into the World Trade Center to help others.

What if Charles would have stopped and said “I can’t save you because you’re White and you were part of the slave masters that robbed my family of human dignity and respect while showing no dignity or sensitivity about it.”

Charles didn’t think or feel that way. He respected life no matter what color one was or the religion they practiced. He helped many out before he lost his life.

Only through respect for human kind and respect that we are all American – hrough the good, the bad and the ugly – can we began to communicate and view each other as decent human beings who can disagree on putting up a mosque on the site filled with painful memories for all Americans.

Instead of all the anger and name calling, come together in civil discussion, extend your hand and ask can you work with American Muslims to come up with something that may work for everybody. That’s how real Americans would do it! That’s the American way.

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