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B. White

by B. White

To Our Readers:

I-Witness wants to thank all of you for your concern. I am a bit under the weather at this time. I am having a few health issues and will be out of commission for a few weeks.

Of course, ya’ll know I need your powerful prayers. Ya’ll know that I think that I am invincible, I’m Superwoman and I think I can fly like a bird in the sky. Holla!

But somehow mortally has found a way to touch me. I have breast cancer which requires surgery. It has taken a bit for me to wrap my head around this and I’m alright.

Anyone who knows me knows how I look at life in any situation. If I can do something about it or change it then I will. If not I know I have to put it in the hands of my Creator and his will. I then turn to all of you to seek your powerful prayers of love and support.

I am generally a very private person but as a columnist with the Milwaukee Community Journal it has been our mission to keep our readers informed about matters that may concern their well being and to educate as often as we can on matters that can effect and /or improve you and your family’s quality of life. So this is why I am sharing my personal battle with ya’ll.

I am asking and encouraging, all women to go get a mammogram or whatever advance exam to detect this sometimes deadly disease.

Prior to my last mammogram, I had two other mammograms within a 6 month period and they showed nothing. I changed to a new gynecologist Dr. Gatson over at Midtown Medical Center who wanted his own profile of me. This is when an aggressive form of cancer was found within my breast.

The results of the first two mammograms shows us nothing works 100%. But through continued research, we must keep trying to perfect it. We must make mammogram exams an exact science of 100% in detection as well as prevention so that we can save lives.

Young women are really being affected by breast cancer and it is truly difficult for them because the medical industry will not recommend mammograms for young women before age 40 leaving many young women to die unnecessarily, especially young Black women, who don’t have the same access to good healthcare as other groups of women.

But in all negatives there are positives. It’s been announced that within the next year, thanks to research studies, there will be new treatments for breast cancer and may put an end to this ugly disease that viciously attacks  the body and spirit of women.

Ya’ll have shown me I can’t keep a secret from any of you. Holla! Your calls and e-mails have really warmed my heart and brightened many of my dark days. But I’m on track now doing what I need to do to get through this, feelin’ your powerful prayers that I thank you so much for.

As a humble servant I am accepting the Creators will and his redirection of my life gracefully.

God willing, I will continue to write many of your stories that I have captured in the last few weeks along with the “Story That Caught My “I”. We will be a bit behind, but I will get the stories told of a community that knows how to party, mourn, laugh, be celebrate accomplishments and yes, a community that knows how to love. Again, I thank all of you for always caring, supporting and praying with and for me. Asante’ Sana! Much love to all of you!

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