I-Witness: Community gathers to walk against cancers

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The Dasow DACAMP Projects hosted their 1st Annual 5k Walk Against Cancers, Shoes for Disasters to benefit cancer research targeting such cancers as colon, childhood cancers, leukemia, breast and prostate.

The Dasow Projects is an organization that is developing a system of wealth worldwide. DACAMP is the humanitarian arm of Dasow, which helps to develop citizens and children to reach their maximum potential in life. Bodi Project is the third arm of Dasow, which addresses beauty, obesity and diabetes.

The Mission of DACAMP Projects is to help where the need is the greatest locally, and worldwide, states founder/chairman Christopher Beverly. “We want to partner with research organizations to help develop a cure for many of the cancers plaguing our families. Each year, we do two to three humanitarian projects. This year it’s cancer.

“Our next project will be Stiletto and Handbag Auction to address domestic abuse. To be followed by Our Babies/Our Future where we will began to address SIDS, shaken baby, co-sleeping and child abuse.”

Many came out to participate in the walk. Gaulien (Gee) Smith and his wife Alta walked for I-Witness and his dad, Gaulien Smith, Sr. who died of cancer. There was also Craig Worten, who is a cancer survivor, one of my favorites Dorian Hafemann, Tony Reese, videographer, Tony Cash, Calvin Smith, Charles McCoy, Bryan Edmonds and 8-year old, Noah Thomas a 3rd grader at Milwaukee College Prep.

Ann Conerly, the project coordinator, said the walk is a 3.6-mile walk that goes through the Juneau Trails back to Cathedral Square Park. Once the walkers returned, they then put a note in the shoes and donate them to Haiti.

Mr. Wonderful (Gee) and Alta ran the 3.6 miles in about 30 minutes flat and were the first to return. They say they usually do it in 24 minutes. Of course, ya’ll know I didn’t care they were a few minutes off, I was honored that they both ran for me.

I loved that many businesses in our community were co-sponsors to the walk. Businesses like JCDUO Entertainment, who will be sponsoring the launching of DACAMP’s domestic violence initiative. Gee’s Clipper was a sponsor as well as Poetry Unplugged, MUEA, House of Royalty, Iron Stone Café, Twin Towers Entertainment, Budget Rental Car, Elisa’s on the Park and a host of others.

Hey, Christopher what a great run. I-Witness thanks you, your sponsors, and all the walkers and runners who dared to show some love to all those with cancer. With all of your continued support perhaps we will find a cure for cancer in our life time.

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