I-Witness: Election 2010 Part II

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Elections 2010-Part II: Elizabeth Coggs

B. White

by B. White

Now that Polly has retired many are jockeying to run in the people’s seat. Many say they may run but only one has announced. Milwaukee County Supervisor Elizabeth (Beth) Coggs has announced she will seek the nomination of the 10th Assembly District.

Coggs may be good as a state representative. Her passion and advocacy for poor people may just bring a different perspective to state legislators’ particularly to the northern Wisconsin state legislators.

Presently, she is chair of finance at Milwaukee County and has a real good sense of how government runs and can hit the ground running.

Elizabeth Coggs

She would especially be good on the state level having served for many years as chair of Health and Human services.  Since over 60% of our community receives some type of social services and all those programs are handled by the state, we need a person who is skilled in the area of social services on the state level.

But of course, it’s up to the voters of the 10th Assembly District.

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