I-Witness Introduces Reading Challenge

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In view of the recent reports about MPS 4th and 8th graders ranking the lowest in the nation in reading literacy, I-Witness is asking all students in public and private schools to join the I-Witness “I’m a Reader” Challenge.

Our hope is that together we can raise the reading levels of all students.

The I-Witness “I am a Reader” Challenge has a few, simple requirements for student participation.

  • · Independent reading

Elementary school students must readindependently or with the aid of a parent for  at least 30 minutes a day (for children ages 3-5, it can be 15 minutes).

Middle school students pledge to read at least 45 minutes a day.

High students shall read at least 1 hour a day.

  • · Leisure Reading

All readers will be required to independently read at least 4 children’s books a month for grade school students K-4th grade.

One book/ novel on subjects of your choice for all other grade levels, newspaper articles, and magazine articles will be accepted as part of the weekly reading.

  • · Increase vocabulary.

The final part of the reading challenge is to learn a new word every day. Keeping a list of the words you have learned for the month will earn extra rewards.

In learning a new word daily, you must know the definition of the word know how to spell it and use it in a sentence.

We want all students to read things they can enjoy, strengthen their imagination and have fun reading.

Ok, I-Witness will give you off on Sunday. But you must read at least 6 days of the week.

We would prefer that students read books separate from their school assignments. We want them to enjoy what they are reading. Perhaps, this can begin to encourage them to pick up books, magazines and newspapers to read on their own.

I-Witness wants student to get into the habit of picking up a book to read just like they would flick on the television or the computer. We want it to be something you naturally do and learn to enjoy.

Sometimes it’s difficult for parents to buy books. It’s nothing to be a shamed about, we are all living in difficult times. For those of you who may not have any books, here are a few suggestions:

Join your neighborhood library and get a library card

Use your school library

Contact I-Witness and we will help you get books.

Moms, Dads, your children are going to need a bit of your help at times to keep them focused until they develop their own love for reading. We will provide you with information from experts to help us help our children.

If you are a parent who doesn’t have strong reading skills, it’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. If you want to change it, take the “I am a reader Challenge” along with your children. We will also print information that can be helpful for you as well. Reading with your child could be fun.

Students must call I-Witness bi-weekly to share what you have read or are reading for the past two weeks and I-Witness will follow-up as well. Parents or teachers must confirm that students have met the challenge requirements for the month.

I-Witness will reward challenge readers efforts by selecting 10 students every month to give books and their name or picture will appear in the I-Witness Section for the Reading Challenge. As we go along others will join us providing even more incentives to promote the joy of reading and literacy. To make it easier we will also suggest books to read for all age categories.

Together, let’s show the rest of the country that you are better readers than their old test scores. Let’s start reading big-time so we can began to sing a new song in reading-This is how we do it! Read Every day-This how we do it! For more information on the I-Witness “I am a Reader” Challenge contact me at 414-350-8238, 414-265-5300 or e-mail: iwitnessmcj@aol.com

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