I-Witness: The Story that Caught My ‘I’: Election 2010 Pt. 1

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Elections 2010 — Annette Polly Williams

B. White

by B. White

State Representative Annette (Polly) Williams recently announced her retirement from the formal world of politics. Williams was the longest serving woman legislator in the state’s history.

She cited a number of reasons as to why she retired, many of which were very similar to other politicians around the nation who have retired this year. The climate of being an elected official has become a partisan atmosphere where those who want to serve can no longer be a servant of the people as they were elected to be.

Annette Polly Williams

Most would say that Polly Williams’ legacy will be viewed as a tireless advocate for education. But I-Witness thinks a bit different. Polly you were a champion of the people, a true servant to the people that is the way I see your legacy and it’s a legacy that most elected officials would love to have.

We wish you well in all you new endeavors. Of course, I-Witness knows you just won’t be retiring to your rocking chair. Holla! As a true servant, I know you will still be out here lending a helping hand to whoever needs it. Thank you, for your many years of service to our community.

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