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As many of you know there are many of our young people who are finding their way in the world and doing their dance in the universe.

As I-Witness says we have some of the most talented young people in Milwaukee, who you can now find all over the world. They are showing out and making us proud as they do their dance, claiming their piece of the universe.

Some of the young people I know and have kept up with since they have left Milwaukee. Randall Holloway is one of them.

I-Witness has known Randall since he was born. He is a graduate of the Milwaukee School of the Arts and a recent graduate of Howard University’s Theatre Department in Washington, DC.

As a young child, his parents, Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway and Lynda, like all parents thought sports should be a big part of Randall’s life. (After all Lee Holloway went to college on a football scholarship.) So they began to nurture him into sports.

Needless to say, Randall had other ideas even at his early age. He knew sports wasn’t what he wanted to do. He knew he wanted to act, sing, draw, write music and dance and he was naturally good at it.

Of course, as parents we look at logic: what’s going to make our children successful in life where they will learn to take care of themselves and be a good productive citizen. And most parents cannot phantom the idea of the arts being a viable, successful career choice for their child.

Thankful for Randall, his parents gave up on sports for him and begin to nurture and allowed him to showcase his natural gifts as ‘Randall the artist.’ It takes big parents to allow their children as children to live their dreams and to in turn put away the dreams they have for their children.

That’s why it’s so important that parents play a key part in their children’s life. After all the best crime prevention is parental involvement.

Over the years, Randall tested all phases of being an artist. I-Witness has a beautiful picture on her wall that he drew of me when he was just in the 6th grade. He worked on it for a whole year, gave it to me as a Christmas present and it is beautiful. He immortalized me, Holla!

He went from there to singing and could blow- from there he went to writing short stories, then to music and then acting.

Today, Randall Holloway is in a production called ‘When ET Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” Produced by JamesLevyMusic and he is receiving rave reviews.

Reviewer – Dee Moondi states: “the real reason James Levy delivers: the cast. This is a stellar cast–each could own a song. And, since ‘When ET Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’ is a rock opera, well, it’s all song.

In other words, it would be dreadful with performers who weren’t up to the challenge. However, Emily Webbe, as Joan, is a pro. Then Randall Holloway, who plays Tracy, steals the scene.”

Tim Treanor’s Web site review says: “Holloway does his work with precision and verge.”

The ambitious young man from Milwaukee now resides in Washington, DC where he has taken it by storm. He has performed as the Tinman in “The Wiz” with Joy of Motion Expansion Dance; The Strathmore Music Center in their new seasonal production “Take Joy;” The DC Tap Festival, The Kennedy Center, and The Washington Savoryards in their Spring production “Treemonisha.”

He is now currently a lead singer for a new band called Blacq Orpheus, and is currently in the process of working on his first solo album. He also recently appeared at the Discovery Sports Center in the Maryland Soccer Plex where he sang our national anthem in front of over 20,000 sports fans.

There’s another reason I decided to write about this talented young man. As many of you may know the tryouts for American Idol will be in town all week and Randle decided to come home to try-out and I think we should root for him. This week is the tryouts, should he make the cut-we are going to have to beef it up and support one of our own, Randall Holloway.

Hey, Randall I know you didn’t know I was going to write this, surprise, surprise, surprise. I’ve watched you all your life and you have grown into a great young man and I am so proud of you.

Wait till all my little sistas see you, they gon’ be saying-he is finnne! Holla! And he can sing too. Holla!

You know I wish you the best in all your endeavors-I want you to break–a-leg at the American Idol tryouts.

Equally, I love how you are doing it in the world. You have claimed your piece of the universe and have decided to cut a step or two. Dance Randall, Dance! Keep advancing that next generation. I love it!

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